Tuesday 25 July 2017

'Best ever' for Balbriggan CC


BALBRIGGAN COMMUNITY College is celebrating what the school says is its best ever results in the Junior Certificate.

Students and staff of the school were highly delighted with the extra special results this year. Compared to a recent national study of students who achieved grades A, B or C in Higher Level papers, the students of Balbriggan Community College scored well above average in all subjects. That national survey revealed that it was hardest to achieve high results in French and History but the students of Balbriggan Community College did not appear to have a problem in that regard, turning in good results in both subjects. Some of the highest performers at the school were Hristo Stoev with seven A grades, and three B grades while brothers Shane and Kyle Richardson also recorded seven A grades in the exam. Shane and Kyle are from a set of quads and their two sisters are attending Loreto, Balbriggan. Debola Shomoye was also more than delighted to record six A grades and four B grades and all of these results were in higher level exams. In Irish, English, Maths, French and History, the school's students performed higher than the national average with a particularly staggering result in English where 98% of students scored an A, B or C in the higher level paper.

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