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Average rent has dropped

Published 11/09/2012 | 17:10

THE total number of mortgaged homes in Fingal has actually decreased very slightly from the 2006 Census figures, according to new data from Census 2011, released last week by the Central Statistics Office.

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There were 43,811 mortgaged homes recorded in last year's Census, down from 45,286 in 2006. Of those mortgage holders, 36,303 of them are at work, 2,857 are unemployed and 4,651 are recorded in Census 2011 as being outside the labour force, which in most cases means they are retired. When we look at the rental sector, the Census figures give an idea what people in rented accommodation in the county are paying to their landlords. The figures show an overall fall in rents when local authority and private rented properties are combined in the county. The average rent paid comes out at €182.66 per week, down 7% from the average of €196.31 paid in 2006. Rents have fallen more sharply in recent years in the local authority housing sector which has seen a 22.4% decline in average rents from 2006 to 2011. But in the private sector, rents have also fallen quite sharply in Fingal with a 12.5% fall from an average of €238.75 in 2006 to €208.97 in 2011.

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