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Published 14/08/2012 | 10:46

THE LARGEST number of private houses in Fingal were built in the boom times of 2001 to 2005, according to the latest figures released from Census 2011.

Some 22,911 of Fingal homes were built in that period, almost a quarter of the total number of households in the county. The figure was halved in the next five years as the construction bubble in Fingal and around the country well and truly burst. The 2001 to 2005 figure, comfortably beats the 16,093 homes built in the previous decade and smashes the decade total for the 1980s of 11,438. Almost half of Fingal's householders are owner occupiers with a mortgage with just 21,450 in the lucky position of being an owner occupier without a mortgage. Some 20,029 rent their home from a landlord and 4,947 rent from the local authority. The largest number of private householders in Fingal live in five-room houses. Some 22,646 households are from this kind of home while 14,744 have six rooms and 12,640 have seven. Some 10,982 of these householders are in three room houses while 10,933 are in four-bedroom homes. Only 753 households are described as 'one room' homes. Only 513 private homes in Fingal are without central heating according to the Census figures which shows that natural gas is by far the most popular way to heat your home in Fingal with more than 65,000 homes choosing this kind of fuel. Some 84,972 of those same homes have a water supply from the public main with 4,277 part of a group water scheme and only 18 citing no water source at all on the Census form. A similarly large figure of 83,488 homes are connected the public sewers with just 58 saying they have no sewerage facility. Despite what people might think, the vast majority of our homes are occupied. Out of a figure of 102,793 'permanent dwellings', 93,150 are occupied and 9,543 are unoccupied.

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