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We've got the country covered!

Published 09/10/2012 | 12:40

W eekly local newspapers have the country covered – with a strong advertising message and a unique place in people's homes and hearts. The IPSOS MRBI Local Newspaper Surveys conducted in 2011 and 2012 clearly show that the Irish public have unbreakable bonds with their local newspapers.

Over three quarters of households surveyed (76%) purchase their weekly local newspaper during an average month, with an average of over two issues per month being purchased.

And nearly half of all purchasers surveyed (42%) say that they keep their weekly local newspaper in the house until the next edition is available.

We strive to fulfill all the needs of the community between our covers every week and an average of 50% of our readers say that they read every section of their local paper.

This figure rises significantly amongst the 42% of purchasers who keep the newspaper in the household for one week. And the most convincing message of all for our advertisers – 95% of people who took part in the IPSOS MRBI survey read the weekly local newspaper in households where there is one available.

Our readers actively engage with their weekly local newspapers and it is clear that weekly local newspapers are streets ahead when it comes to time spent reading. The weekly local newspaper is read for 69 minutes on average, compared to 29 minutes for the average national newspaper (source JNRS Readership Surveys 2010-2011). That time spent reading figure increases to 76 minutes on average for male readers.

The key to the success of local newspapers in Irish life is a long history of being at the heart of the community.

For all the major milestones of a lifetime, from first day at school, through weddings, parties, and 100th birthday celebrations – if it happens in your area, we've got it covered. 73% of people surveyed say that their paid-for local newspaper plays an important part in their community. 86% of people surveyed agreed that the community relies on the local newspaper for news about the local area – and 72% agreed that it's a tradition in the house to have a local newspaper available to read.

However, news is not the only draw for local newspapers readers.

The message to advertisers is clear – weekly local newspapers with their satisfied readers, unique staying power and cover-to-cover interaction represent the best way of reaching of over three quarters of the population on a regular basis.

A compelling 81% of people surveyed agreed that the weekly local newspaper is the best source for finding advertising on products and services available – this rises to 87% among purchasers. When it comes to rating elements of the paper, 76% say advertising is one of the most important elements of a weekly local newspaper.

Weekly local newspapers invest heavily in the quality of their news coverage because news matters most to our readers. 89% of people surveyed say that general news is the most important subject that we can cover. We asked people who they trust to deliver local news about the area. Almost 80% of people rate paidfor local newspapers as trustworthy compared to 54% for free newspapers.

The telephone survey was carried out by Ipsos MRBI using their OmniPoll service, which accesses a nationally representative sample over 1,000 adults aged 15+.

For the local newspaper survey all counties excluding Dublin and Cork were included leading to an overall base sample size of 586 in 2011 and 617 in 2012.

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