Thursday 27 July 2017

Thornleigh playground


THE PROPOSED site for a new playground in Thornleigh estate in Swords is likely to be rejected by councillors after locals came out strongly in favour of an alternative location.

Cllr Tom Kelleher (Lab) said there was strong opposition locally to the proposed site and that residents favoured an alternative site in the estate. However, many of these objections were not notified to the council during the project's public consultation period and so the plans for the current site will be put before local councillors. They will then be faced with a decision whether they want to reject the current site and risk an alternative site not being found. That prospect worries Cllr Darragh Butler (FF) who wanted clarity from the council on the councillor's options before the issue comes up for decision. The local authority explained: ' The public consultation process for this proposal and site in Thornleigh resulted in some members of the public objecting to the proposed location and recommending alternate sites in the area. 'However, much of this discussion was occurring outside of the Part XI procedure which had already commenced. ' The council informed people who contacted the council regarding the matter that submissions should be made as part of the Part XI procedure and not as part of a parallel discussion.' The council added: ' The proposal for the site as advertised in the Part XI public consultation procedure will be approved or rejected by the members based on the submissions made by the public. If the proposal is rejected an alternate location can go on public consultation with the approval of the members. ' The Part XI public consultation for the proposed playground at Thornleigh required submissions to be made before Thursday, December 6. The submissions received will be examined and a report brought to the next meeting of the area committee as an information item and subsequently to the full council for decision.'

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