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Siobhan says Fingal Independent shines a light on local community

John Manning

Published 09/10/2012 | 12:40

Siobhan Moore with a copy of the Fingal Independent.
Siobhan Moore with a copy of the Fingal Independent.

S iobhan Moore is better placed than most to comment on the importance of her local newspaper as a representative of Fingal's largest employer, the Dublin Airport Authority, President of the Dublin Fingal Chamber of Commerce and as a prominent member of one of the fastest growing sporting clubs in the county.

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Working in the communications department at Dublin Airport brings Siobhan in close contact with local media and in particular, with the Fingal Independent which has run a dedicated page devoted to airport news for many years as well as covering other aspects of airport life across the pages of the newspaper. Siobhan told the Fingal Independent: ' We are the largest employer in north Dublin and the airport plays a huge role in the community as a gateway to Dublin and the rest of the country. We employ a lot of people locally and a lot of the business generated here goes back into local businesses. 'The role that the Fingal Independent plays for us is great in informing and educating the local community in what's happening in the airport. 'Communicating with our customers and our neighbours is a key element of the business and the local paper is a huge aspect of our community relations. 'We like to keep in one-to-one touch with our community partners but in terms of reaching out to a wider audience, the local paper is fantastic and we get a lot of feedback from people who have read stories in the local paper - you can't underestimate the reach it has.' Outside of the day-to-day business of the airport, the local media also help focus on the work being done by the DAA and its staff in the wider community, according to Siobhan. 'We like to show what we are doing in the local community by way of support for local initiatives and give something back to the community and it is nice to have that recorded in the local paper and it helps the profile of the local organisations too. 'A lot of our staff live in the Fingal region - huge numbers and we like to, when we can, put forward their achievements. The staff here put a lot of time into fundraising projects and show huge commitment and it is nice to highlight that and get publicity for their efforts in the Fingal Independent.' With her chamber hat on, Siobhan said that the local media is crucial to business sector in Fingal. 'It is about educating and informing again, I think,' she said. The Dublin Fingal Chamber of Commerce president said: 'In terms of the local community it is really important that business and the chamber has a connection with the local newspaper. If you want to know what is happening in the locality you pick up the local newspaper so for the chamber it is a great way to advertise networking events and briefings for businesses and follow up with photos and recount how the event went. 'I think it is very important for businesses to advertise in local media and support their local paper both through advertising and by reading the paper and keeping in touch with what's going on in the community.' The local media can also help in raising issues of concern to the business sector, according to Siobhan who said that your local newspaper can be a 'great way to bring all these issues to the fore and troy to problem solve and bring issues up for debate'. An important part of any local newspaper including the Fingal Independent is shining a light on the great work going on in the community by local sports clubs, charities and community organisations and Siobhan Moore has seen that aspect of the paper's work too in her involvement with the Fingal Tri club. In recent years Siobhan has immersed herself in the world of triathlon sports and Fingal Tri is at the head of this growing sport in the region. The Fingal Tri club member said: 'This in many ways is where the local newspaper comes into its own in terms of shining a light on community initiatives and community groups and the achievements of individuals and groups. 'It is a great motivation for readers when someone you know appears in the local paper and you think if they can do it then maybe I can have a go too.' She added: 'Fingal Tri is only two or three years old but we are growing and that is partly because of the interest in events we have run that have appeared in the Fingal Independent. There has been a lot of interest generated in joining the club through that coverage.' Siobhan would encourage anyone to get involved in her favourite support and said the best first step is to contact Fingal Tri. 'There are all levels in our club and you should never think you won't be able for it. Just get on the Fingal Tri website and contact one of the members and get some help and guidance.

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