Friday 26 May 2017

School aiming to improve communication with parents

Nikita Baranovs, Rebecca Cooney with David Coleman, Eddie McLoughlin and Principal Sharon McGrath.
Nikita Baranovs, Rebecca Cooney with David Coleman, Eddie McLoughlin and Principal Sharon McGrath.

A SWORDS secondary school is at the forefront of efforts to improve lines of communication between teachers and parents to help every student be the best that they can be. Fingal Community College believes partnership with parents is key to a young person's success and have put a programme in place to put that ethos into action.

Sharon McGrath, principal of the school, said: 'Achieving with care is a core value for all the teachers and staff of Fingal Community College. ' The young people in our school are supported to be the best that they can be and we understand that this will only happen if they feel happy and cared for. 'Parents and family are a key influence on teenagers and we are totally convinced of the value of strong links between home and school. Partnership with parents is key to a young person's success.' A series of talks and events have been taking place in Fingal Community College this year to strengthen the partnership between home and school. A talk on 'Improving Literacy - What can parents do?' took place in the college on October 22nd and was followed on the 25th with a talk given by well known clinical psychologist David Coleman who spoke to a hall filled with parents, teachers and school principals from all over Dublin. The topics David covered included the transition from primary to secondary school and how parents and the school together can support teenagers as they navigate their journey through adolescence. David spoke about their movement from dependence to independence and the formation of identity. He also spoke about teenage experimentation and alcohol and substance use, risk taking, peer relationships and understanding sexuality, teenage stress and how to recognise and resolve bullying behaviour. His presentation was extremely well received and was informative, insightful and full of practical strategies on how we can all support our teenagers. The question and answer session which followed allowed for a robust discussion and was an extremely valuable opportunity for all who attended. Another initiative to foster partnership between home and school is the launch of ePortal for Parents which is a link on the school's website which allows parents to track their son or daughter's progress on a daily basis.

Training sessions for Fingal Community College parents are being offered for the system and any parents not yet registered for this new service are invited to contact the principal, Sharon McGrath.

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