Friday 28 July 2017

Parking bay to be removed

A PARKING bay on St Margaret's Avenue in Malahide is to be removed by the council for safety reasons.

There had been a proposal to rededicate the bay for disabled parking but after an investigation the council's traffic section determined it would be safer to remove the bay altogether. In a report to the Malahide/Howth Area Committee on the issue, the council reported: 'The removal of the parking bay at this location was discussed at the June meeting of this committee. It was agreed that the feasibility of designating this parking bay as a disabled bay would be examined. 'The traffic section has examined the location of this parking bay which is close to the junction of St. Margaret's Avenue and St. Margaret's Road. 'A vehicle parked in this parking bay makes it difficult for another vehicle travelling towards St. Margaret's Road to safely overtake it before the junction. ' There is very limited visibility for vehicles turning left off St. Margaret's Road onto St. Margaret's Avenue due to an existing hedge surrounding the property on the corner. 'It is recommended that this parking bay be removed for the road safety reasons outlined.'

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