Thursday 27 July 2017

No plans for footpath near school

xSt Marnock's School in Portmarnock.
xSt Marnock's School in Portmarnock.


DESPITE SAFETY concerns expressed by a school warden in the area, the council has no plans to improve a narrow footpath in the vicinity of St Marnock's School in Portmarnock but has promised to 'revisit' the issue.

Cllr Peter Coyle asked for the safety issue around a narrow path on Lower Carrickhill Road be addressed by the council after a school warden reported a child falling into the road at that point. But the council said: ' There are no current proposals to carry out footpath improvements at this location.' Cllr Coyle said that was an ' unfortunate reply' and said the issue had to be kept on the agenda and was a serious safety issue for many pupils walking to the school. Cllr Anthony Lavin (FG) agreed and said the narrow path was also issue for people with disabilities in the area. He said there were other options apart from widening the path that the council should look at. Garry O'Brien from the council's operations department, said the issue was not a simple one and that widening the path at that location would mean widening it for a considerable length beyond. He said the issue would be revisited and that he was not aware of the incident reported by the school warden. Mr O'Brien said that school authorities had a role too in advising pupils to take care at that location. He agreed to look at the situation again and Cllr Coyle suggested that the council's road safety officer should meet with the school warden to hear the warden's concerns.

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