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No need for more traffic calming

Published 08/01/2013 | 11:20

THE COUNCIL has argued against the need for more traffic calming measures on Brackenstown Road in Swords but has agreed to review the traffic conditions on the road.

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Cllr Darragh Butler (FF) asked for an extension of the existing traffic calming measures on the road and a new pedestrian crossing in the area. But the council's transportation department said: ' There are a large number of ramps situated on the Brackenstown Road in the vicinity of St. Cronan's School and the last of which is outside nos 53/54 Brackenstown Village. ' This section of road has good visibility on both approaches. The road continues further down towards Swords Manor and Parkview. ' This section of road does not have any ramps but has a signallised pedestrian crossing at the shops. This section of road will be reviewed and if deemed necessary a further report will issue for the need, if any, of any further traffic calming measures. ' There are a number of ' School Children Crossing' signage on both approaches and a school warden service is provided at school times and speed limit signs will be reviewed on the Brackenstown Road.

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