Saturday 19 August 2017

Naul NS kids impress MEP with knowledge of the European Union

MEP Mairead McGuinness at Naul National School
MEP Mairead McGuinness at Naul National School

The children at Naul National School got to lean a little more about the work of the European Parliament when an Irish MEP and the vice president of that parliament, visited the Fingal school.

Mairead McGuinness MEP is the vice-president of the European Parliament and recently visited the naul school to discuss the school's involvement in the 'Blue Star Programme'.

The Blue Star Programme aims to foster a greater understanding of the European Union among primary school children.

The project allows the schoolchildren to explore the foundation and development of the European Union, the cultural and linguistic diversity of Europe as well as how the EU works and affects the lives of European citizens.

Speaking about her visit to the school, Ms McGuinness said: 'This is a very challenging period for the EU and its place in a world full of misinformation and anxiety.

'It's a period when while technology is presenting us with massive advances in healthcare it is also throwing disruptive challenges to politicians in terms of security and our ambitions for employment for all.

'The pupils at Naul National School showed a sense of understanding and curiosity about the workings of the EU and the role MEPs play on behalf of citizens,'

The MEP added: 'They asked very interesting questions including many about Brexit and the implications for Ireland and the EU. We talked about the history of the EU, about peace and how the EU was founded to make sure that peace is sustained by countries working together as we do in the European Parliament. They deserve great credit for the enthusiasm with which they've approached this whole project, as does Principal, Martina Arthurs, Blue Star coordinator and teacher, Amanda Moore and all the staff of the school.'

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