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Local Newspaper Week message from your editor

- John Mulligan Group Editor

Published 09/10/2012 | 12:40

Welcome to this supplement to mark and celebrate the integral part your local newspaper plays in the fabric of Irish life.

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Local newspapers play a vital role in any local community today, just as they have for more than a hundred years. Today we get our information from a wealth of sources - TV, radio, internet, facebook, twitter and all play their part in helping us live the modern, hectic lives we do. However when the Fingal Independent arrives into your local shop on a Tuesday morning, it is a one stop shop for all that has happened in Fingal in the past seven days. A local newspaper is the essence of the local community. We celebrate your achievements, campaign on your behalf, highlight issues of community concern, inform, advocate and entertain you all for less than the price of a cup of coffee or tea. As editor there is nothing more satisfying than overhearing a conversation in a shop or on the street about something they read in that week's edition of the paper, or seeing someone actually reading the newspaper. Of course the comments are not always complimentary and people regularly disagree with the way a story is presented or the balance of a story, but that is their right and it would be a pretty dull newspaper if everyone from all sectors agreed with everything contained within its pages. That would be one sure fire way to make the newspaper completely irrelevant and threaten its future. In the Fingal Independent, journalists, advertising sales staff, sub-editors and photographers all work to the common goal of producing the best possible newspaper for our loyal readership every week and each of the thousands who read our newspaper take something different from that edition which brings them back again the following Tuesday.

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