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Lesley's new book to offer positive energy


Published 18/09/2012 | 16:48

A PORTMARNOCK woman is set to launch her first book, inspired by her Facebook page offering spiritual and healing energy, early next month Lesley McKeever, who now lives in Swords, with her 10-year-old daughter, Madison, will unveil 'Positivity Echoes in Love and Light Volume 1' on Friday, October 5 at Portmarnock Hotel and Links at 7pm.

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The 34-year-old was inspired to write the book following the success of her Facebook page 'Sharing Positive Words', which has received a tremendous reaction from the general public. 'Basically, I wrote every positive word that came to me down on tiny pieces of paper, and popped them into a hat. I then cleansed all within the hat and charged it with white light and positive vibrations,' Lesley told the Fingal Independent. ' The idea is, that people who join the event, ask me for a word and I would hold them in my thoughts and pick out a word. Simple as that! This event took on a wonderful energy all of its own and people started asking for meanings/ affirmations as to what the word meant for them. 'As I posted the meanings I was overwhelmed with the genuine response and joy each word was giving. I received thank you posts and people telling me how much the meanings and words wrapped them in peace and relief.' Now Lesley has written what she describes as a ' tiny yet powerful book of hope and inspiration'. 'All you do is ask your Angels and God (Higher Power, God, Universe, as and what you believe that to be for you) for help as you close your eyes, breathe deep and flick through the pages. Trust your gut instinct and the page you land on is your word of positivity that will echo through you and your day. Lesley added: 'My own spiritual journey started many moons ago. I had held the philosophy that everything always works out for the best very close to my heart. It was through this innate faith that time and time again my philosophy proved itself right. Little did I know I had being using the Law of Attraction in its simplest yet most powerful form all my life.' She then immersed herself in meditation, reading spiritual books and teachings, Reiki Level one and two, progressing and growing stronger in my her every minute. 'After having had a successful career in IT and teaching, which gave me a solid scientific grounding, I still believed that the illogical can in fact be very logical. Everything in the scientific/physical world and spiritual world always meets back and begins from the same place, unifying the scientific/physical world with the spiritual world.' As she grew in self confidence, she went from keeping her writing and her spiritual thoughts and creations to myself, to putting them on paper, which in turn inspired her successful Facebook page.

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