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Hardy swimmers take the plunge

Published 15/01/2013 | 10:51

for Sylvester's GAA Club and the dozens that took part took the name seriously and make a big splash, they certainly did.

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In a uniquely frosty fundraiser for the local club, dozens took to the cold winter waters off the coast of Malahide at a traditional bathing spot known as Low Rock. They left their sponsorship cards on dry land for the occasion, which were filled with pledges of much needed cash from those who preferred to hand over their money than take an icy dip at the Low Rock waters.

The club said the sight of WE know that GAA players are a hardy bunch and rarely miss an opportunity to prove it and maybe it was just that kind of spirit that brought dozens of members of a Malahide GAA club to strip off and take a dip in the wintry seas recently. It was called ' The Big Splash' dozens of its club members running enthusiastically into the winter waters amounted to a 'statement of intent' for the year ahead. So other clubs better look out - if this is the kind of determination and pain the members of Sylvester's are prepared to go through for their club then nothing will stop them in 2013.

Huge congratulations goes to all involved, from the participants to the organisers to the sponsors but we are sure that everyone who took part is just a little bit relieved they don't have to do that again for another year.

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