Monday 29 May 2017

'Fingalian Revolutionary War' talk well attended

THE RECENT talk hosted by Loughshinny and Rush Historical Society entitled the 'Fingalian Privateers in the American Revolutionary War' held at the Strand Bar was very well received.

The guest speaker Seán T. Rickard of Fingalian ancestry gave an interesting talk to the Loughshinny and Rush Historical Society which was extremely well attended. Also in attendance were a proportionately large number of established historians, with deep interest in the area. Rickard first covered the origins of fishing and its contribution to the maritime rise of the region. Also discussed, were the Fingalian maritime transition to smuggling with its focal point at Rush and its natural progression towards privateering.

A brief vignette was also given of Georgian maritime Dublin explaining the contributions of foreign trade made to the rise of local privateering. Included was an informative explanation on the trade and mechanics of privateering-how it was conducted ashore and at sea. Perhaps, the highlight of the lecture was the fascinating biographies of several of the most notorious Fingalian smugglers and privateers accounting for many of their fascinating exploits.

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