Thursday 21 September 2017

Dr. Frank's family say thanks

■ Dr. Frank McCarthy, who passed away last year.
■ Dr. Frank McCarthy, who passed away last year.

DR FRANK McCarthy, who sadly passed away last year, took care of hundreds of patients in his long career in Swords and is sadly missed by all who knew him.

As his family move into a new year, they have stopped to remember him publicly and to thank everyone who have supported him throughout the difficult time since his death.

'Dr Frank's' daughter, Deirdre-Ann told us: 'Dad and mum came to Swords and set up in general practice in 1973. From then on Dad was known as ' Dr. Frank'. He was an excellent doctor and loved his work.' His loving daughter said: 'Apart from the surgery where he always had a fabulous way with patients of all ages, Dad wouldn't have been renowned as someone who was particularly interested in babies or small children. ' That changed completely though the moment Alice was born and he absolutely adored his eleven grandchildren.

Little Dan will be too young to remember his beloved Gaga but some of the older children will be lucky to have such wonderful memories of their grandad.' In the summer following Frank's passing, his twelfth grandchild arrived. It was a boy and appropriately, he was named after his departed grandfather. Deirdre-Ann said: ' Of many interests in his life, there was no doubt about his priorities. He was only a young fella when my godmother Scottie introduced him to Mary Downey at a party in the Coombe. He didn't waste any time in marrying her. She was the love of his life and he was devoted to her.'

She added: 'Dad could have lived on a desert island as long as he had mum and his girls – and their husbands - and of course his adored grandchildren together. 'We had so many family gatherings and plenty of parties and those days will be our happiest memories of dad.' Frank's wife Mary (née Downey), his daughters Deirdre-Ann, Bairbre and Úna and their families, his brothers, sisters and extended family, wish to thank all of you who supported Frank during his illness and who rallied round them when his sudden and untimely death left the family reeling.

The McCarthy family said: 'We are immensely grateful to all who took the time to contact us and to share your memories of Frank which made us laugh as well as cry. 'We are humbled by the widespread support, both practical and emotional you have given us. 'We were overwhelmed by the numbers of family, friends, patients and colleagues who attended Frank's funeral and gave him such a fantastic send-off. 'As an unassuming man, he never realised how greatly loved he was or how much we would all miss him.'