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Delays over park pathway


Published 02/10/2012 | 17:00

WHILE THERE was good news on a possible opening of Swords Castle to tours later this year, the seemingly endless efforts to open up the Ward River Valley Park appear to be a long way from achieving their aim.

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This is seen, along with the opening of the castle, as crucial to the town's efforts in celebrating it links with Brian Boru in 2014 as a year of commemoration of the Battle of Clontarf takes place. Asking for an update on efforts to open up access to the park and to created a pathway and cycleway to some of the town's important heritage sites, Cllr Butler (FF) said it was important to achieve as much of this work as possible before 2014. But there seems little hope that the network of pathways to Swords heritage sites or the completion of the opening up of the park can be fully achieved by the anniversary.

The council said: 'At this stage it appears unlikely if the provision of the footpath on the western side of the river can be completed by 2014 as it is unlikely the conditioned lands at the northern end will be in charge by that time. 'The link from Church street on the south side of the rivers appears unlikely to proceed until the developer of the adjoining lands commences development and makes lands available for the completion of the entry link. 'Provision of an entrance on the north side of the river is possible but will require extensive bank stabilisation works and provision of a bridge. This is being considered in the context of the 2013 Capital Works Programme.'

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