Monday 30 May 2016

Celebrating an important event with your local paper

- Michael Ryan Operations Director Independent Newspapers Regionals East

Published 09/10/2012 | 12:40

Welcome to the Local Newspaper Week – a national event that celebrates the key role local newspapers play in Irish life.

This week over 50 newspapers selling 450,000 copies across the country are carrying a special supplement similar to this one which highlights the strong bond which exists between local newspapers and the communities that they serve. In the following pages you can read for yourself the high esteem in which some of Ireland's leading business, sporting and cultural personalities hold their local newspapers. And the basis of this high esteem is built on the huge trust that people have for their local papers. This trust isn't something that has developed overnight. It is through decades of providing quality local journalism that local papers have built it up. And today, local papers are among the strongest brands in their areas because of this trust. Even in these rapidly changing times with technology creating challenges for the newspaper industry, local newspapers are still seen as the key source of local news. Market research specially commissioned for Local Newspaper Week shows that 86% of those surveyed agreed that the community relies on the local newspaper for news about the local area and 73% of people said that their paid-for local newspaper plays an important part in their community. A compelling 81% of people surveyed agreed that the weekly local newspaper is the best source for finding advertising on products and services available. The message to advertisers is clear – weekly local newspapers represent the best way of reaching your audience. As we celebrate Local Newspaper Week, it is an opportune time to thank all our readers and advertisers for their support over many years and to assure you all that our commitment to providing the best local newspaper in your area is as strong today as it ever was.

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