Wednesday 26 July 2017

Camogie pitch to be used for schools rugby

A FORMER camogie pitch behind Portmarnock Community School is to be converted to make it suitable for rugby.

Cllr Eoghan O'Brien (FF) asked the council to make provision for a 'dedicated rugby pitch on the open space behind Portmarnock Community School, replacing either the former camogie pitch or the unused soccer pitch adjacent to it as there is significant demand from both the school and residents in Portmarnock for such a facility'. The councillor was informed by the local authority: 'A meeting was held between Fingal County Council and a representative from Portmarnock Community School regarding the possibility of the provision of a rugby pitch at Carrickhill Park, Portmarnock, on the former camogie pitch in June 2012. 'Following this meeting they were advised to formally apply to Fingal County Council for the pitch and it was allocated to the school in August 2012.'

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