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Bus company will not bring school bus to Knocksedan

Published 22/01/2013 | 15:15

Knocksedan estate.
Knocksedan estate.

BUS EIREANN says it cannot safely bring a school bus to Knocksedan estate which means that school children in the area will have to continue to travel to Swords manor to connect with their bus to school.

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Cllr Darragh Butler (FF) asked the council to lobby Bus Eireann to 'extend their school bus collection point from Swords Manor to Knocksedan, as currently Knocksedan children have to be driven to the Swords Manor collection point'. In response, the council quoted a letter from Bus Eireann, explaining their difficulties with the proposal. The bus company said: ' The Bus √Čireann inspector for North Dublin has visited the Knocksedan estate numerous times, most recently on the December 13, 2012. 'From a safety point of view, nothing has changed with regard to a large vehicle entering the estate. This is dense residential area based around a 1km loop of houses. Bringing a large vehicle into an estate with no traffic control is not possible in any circumstance. ' The transfer of the Knocksedan pupils by means of a smaller vehicle to the existing pick-up point at Swords Manor was investigated but as there are 27 ticket holders from this estate a medium sized vehicle would still be required, the problem would therefore remain.'

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