Thursday 20 July 2017

Boyne visits Manor Books


THERE WAS huge excitement as one of the most acclaimed and popular children's authors in Ireland came to a Malahide bookshop to sign copies of his latest work.

John Boyne popped into Manor Books last week to sign copies of his latest book, ' The Terrible Thing That Happened To Barnaby Brocket'. John is undoubtedly most famous as the author of the ' Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' which took the book world by storm and got the Hollywood treatment when it became a major feature film. That moving and deeply affecting book struck a chord worldwide and made John Boyne a global publishing phenomenon. Barnaby appears to defy the laws of gravity and floats. It makes him a lonely child because its hard to make friend when you're ten feet in the air all the time. He tries to stop floating but just can't do it until one day, abandoned by his mother, he floats into the path of a very special hot-air balloon and a magical journey around the world begins. John was delighted to sign copies of his new book and no doubt, the odd copy of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas too on his visit to Malahide.

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