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Blood pressure awareness month

Published 28/08/2012 | 14:58

A BLOOD pressure awareness month is taking place in Swords during the month of September.

Hosted by McCabe's Pharmacy, staff will be offereing free blood pressure checks for the month, monitoring blood pressure for customers who are outside the normal range and referring some to their GP. Pharmacists will also provide advice and information on staying healthy and how best to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. The McCabe's Pharmacy nurse will be on hand on Wednesday, September 6 6th of September to speak to customers about their blood pressure results.

McCabe's Pharmacy is also offering a 20% price reduction on all health checks and on the 24 hour blood pressure monitor during September. High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. For those with high blood pressure, lifestyle changes and medication may be needed to bring it under control. Lifestyle changes include reduced salt intake, weight loss, healthy eating, being more active and a moderate consumption of alcohol.

Marese O'Brien, pharmacist at McCabe's Pharmacy Pavilions in Swords said: ' Blood pressure is a key indicator of underlying health issues such as cardiac disease and diabetes, so it is very important to get checked regularly. Almost half of Irish adults over 50 years of age have high blood pressure which can lead to a heart attack or stroke at an earlier age. The good news is that lifestyle changes can help prevent high blood pressure, so we're delighted to be providing free blood pressure checks and lifestyle advice for the month of September.'

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