Friday 28 July 2017

'Huge honour' as Leacy elected President

LAST WEEK Jim Leacy was elected as President of the International Billiards and Snooker Federation (I.B.S.F.) at the Annual General Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Delegates from 50 of the 86 member countries attended the A.G.M. during the I.B.S.F. world snooker championships.

This is a fantastic honour for the Irish game as Jim is the current Chairman of R.I.B.S.A., the Republic of Ireland Billiards and Snooker Association, and Chairman of E.B.S.A. (European Billiards and Snooker Association), and he now leads the world amateur governing body.

Jim won the vote, beating outgoing President Pascal Guillaume from France 26-24. It is unique to have an Irishman President of the world amateur game, the European game and the national body.

'I am thrilled as it is a huge honour for my family and me and the Irish association,' he said.

'I am really looking forward to the challenges ahead,' Leacy added.

'One of my main objectives is to work with the World Confederation of Billiard Sports (W.C.B.S.) and we will meet in London to try to move the three associations of snooker, pool and carom back together for the betterment of the games worldwide.

Jim has been involved in the game since the early '80s when he opened a snooker club in Enniscorthy at a time when television coverage of the sport was starting to increase its popularity among the general public.

He currently owns the Ivy Rooms Snooker Club in Carlow which has been a breeding ground for several talented players over the years.

Jim has been Chairman of R.I.B.S.A. for 20 years now, having been elected in 1992, and he became the Chairman of the European Association (E.B.S.A.) in 2004.

Jim has transformed the running of the game in Europe with major events being held each year.

His club has staged World snooker, World billiards and European championships in Carlow over the years. Last year he was also appointed to the board of World Billiards Ltd. in the U.K. and his role is to help develop the game all over the world.

We wish him well in this important role.

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