Tuesday 26 September 2017

Town to become Christmas capital of the South East



ENNISCORTHY is bidding to become the Christmas capital of the South East by splashing out €40,000 from next year's budget on state of the art new seasonal illuminations. The spectacular lights, designed by a specialist firm in Cork, will be switched on Saturday, December 1.

With the Town Council due to go out of business in 2014, the decision was made to ensure that the old urban authority will at least be remembered in lights. The Chamber of Commerce will have the job of looking after the illuminations in the years ahead.

'We wanted to complete that project done before the shutters came down,' explained chairman Cllr Keith Doyle. 'We wanted to get it done before the council disbanded.'

The lights are just part of a bid to make Enniscorthy an attractive destination for families during the Christmas rush – with Santa Claus to be available on the double. ENNISCORTHY councillors have been given a sneak preview of the spectacular new Christmas light show being prepared for the town. A presentation on the seasonal lights was a highlight of Monday's urban council meeting, showing that Enniscorthy is bidding to become the Christmas capital of the South East.

The rest of the population will have the chance to enjoy the eyecatching illuminations for real when they are switched on by Santa Claus as darkness falls on the afternoon of Saturday, December 1. The modern design of the attraction is the work of Cork based firm MK Illumination who stress that the LED technology employed is much more energy efficient than the old style lights which are being replaced, generating less by way of carbon dioxide emissions as a result.

Though the electricity bills may be down, the initial cost is considerable and the move has been made possible only with the backing of €40,000 sponsorship from Enniscorthy Town Council. The money has been made available to the Chamber of Commerce who have employed the contractors already busy stringing the lights along and across the streets.

'Enniscorthy Town Council are very pleased to sponsor the new festive town lights,' declared town clerk Padraig O'Gorman as he waited for the work to be completed, 'as an economic development measure of supporting Enniscorthy businesses over the important Christmas shopping period.'

The plan is that the new look lights will create a festive atmosphere and encourage visitors to come to Enniscorthy rather than head for other towns in the run-up to Christmas. With Santa Claus running two top class grottos, the town is all the more enticing to families with small children.

The competition, in friendly rivalry, is being engaged in by Kilcannon garden centre on the Old Dublin Road and Enniscorthy Castle.

The Kilcannon grottos is already up and running at weekends, complete with Thomas the Tank Engine. The castle Claus takes off on Saturday, December 8 with the backing of a toy museum to keep both adults and children diverted as they wait to meet the man with the long white beard.