Wednesday 28 June 2017

Padge's each-way bet on hospital can't lose

WEXFORD BOROUGH COUNCIL members got to meet the authorities at Wexford General Hospital last week to discuss developments at the facility. It seems they had been seeking the meeting (without success) for some time, but when they finally succeeded in getting it, not everyone was pleased.

Veteran councillor Padge Reck was especially concerned for the feelings of the town's previous Mayor, Davy Hynes, who could not get a meeting with the hospital bosses. According to Padge it seemed you now needed to be 'blue' to make any progress with the hospital.

Current Mayor, Jim Allen, you might think is a member of the blue rinse brigade but in fact like many fifty-something men he is going grey gracefully. No, Mayor Allen's blue credentials refer to his politics, he being a member of Fine Gael.

Cllr Hynes must be chuffed, though, that Padge is taking such a keen interest in his political welfare because in the past he has rarely had anything good to say about the Labour party or any of its members. Indeed, so concerned was the Independent councillor about the snub to the ex-Mayor that he turned down an opportunity to be part of the delegation to the hospital. The shock of it all must have been nearly enough to have Cllr Hynes travel to the hospital for admission as a patient, just to be sure that he hadn't started to imagine things. Anyway the delegation seems to have got some good news on positive developments for the hospital which will be announced in the near future. If there really is good news about the hospital then we can all rejoice, and the row over who met who and when will be forgotten about. But if nothing good comes of it expect to hear a lot more from Cllr Reck.

For Padge it's like having an each-way bet in a two horse race: in the publicity stakes, he simply can't lose.

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