Lennon piece stands out in White's exhibition

Published 06/11/2012 | 19:07

Exhibiting artists in White's (back): Dolores Healy, Lorraine Brett (LB Finance), Bianca Divito, Margaret Kent, Elizabeth Sinnott (Whites), Padraig McCaul, Wilhelm Balcerzak, Lina Varna, Annette Whelan, Jean English and Patricia Rowland. (Front): Betty...

ONCE AGAIN this year there was quite a buzz in White's Hotel during the festival and there was something to tickle anyone's fancy on offer.

LB Fine Arts brought their diverse range of art to town, as a part of a tour of various galleries and shows which they are doing over the coming months. The exhibition contained everything from the magical and supernatural, to the most intricately detailed and realistic of pieces.

Also there were a range of crafts on show, from bog oak sculptures to fantastic glass art from award winning stained glass designer Bianca Divito.

Bianca's work ranges from completely original glass art in private homes, to conserving priceless medieval church glass. Her eye catching work led to her being awarded a certificate of distinction from Chelsea Flower Show, where she exhibited this year.

Downstairs in the foyer there was a vast range of different styles on show. The work of Serena Caulfield somewhat stood out from the crowd, ranging from the simple and minimalistic to the downright bizarre.

Her stand-out piece consisted of a distorted picture of John Lennon's face with a number of different pairs of glasses on it, and was titled ' The More I see, the less I know'. Her work ranges from detailed paintings to beautifully simple charcoal sketches.

It was Serena's first year exhibiting at the festival and she was enjoying it.

' There's a great atmosphere around,' she said. ' There's not maybe many people buying paintings as I would have hoped, but it's been okay.' Serena was also running a competition to win a piece of her work and anyone who left their name, phone number and email could be notified in the coming weeks.

Also standing out in the foya was the work of Lar Joyce, which consisted of a series of extremely detailed charcoal sketches as well as John Paul Murray's acrylic paintings of boats on Wexford's quay front.

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