Tuesday 26 July 2016

'Doghouse' given planning approval

Published 22/01/2013 | 14:33

AN APPLICATION for planning permission to construct a new house for humans came with a request to add accommodation for 30 dogs.

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Axel Borssim has been given the all-clear by Wexford County Council to knock down an existing building up a rural lane at Oulartleigh, north of Glenbrien and east of The Ballagh. In its place, he has been allowed permission to erect a replacement house more than twice the size.

As part of the same application, the planners have also sanctioned a complex of concrete built kennels sufficient to house up to 30 terriers in a breeding complex. The official who examined the location in a field reckoned that it is far enough away from the neighbours not to cause them any nuisance and that no extra landscaping would be required.

The Borssim application was retuned marked 'granted' with a notice that €4,000 in planning contribution will be due if the development goers ahead.

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