Friday 28 April 2017

Derelict houses are being refurbished

TWO LONG derelict houses on the Ross Road in Enniscorthy will soon be ready for occupation once more, councillors were informed last week.

Officials confirmed that a contractor has been at work on the pair of properties, which have been rescued from a ruinous condition to make homes fit for the 21st century. Both will have three bedrooms once the refurbishment, already largely carried out, is completed. It is expected that the houses will be ready for occupation by council tenants early in the new year.

The initiative was pointed to as an example of how keeping the pressure on owners of run down properties is having a good effect. The town clerk Padraig O'Gorman recalled that not so long ago there used to be at least a dozen properties on the register of derelict sites. The threat of levies has reduced the number to no more than five at present.

However, Padraig O'Gorman regretted that no progress had been made with one derelict shop in Slaney Street where the owner is likely to be obliged to pay a levy.

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