Wednesday 23 August 2017

Curtain's fallen on 'peep show'

ENNISCORTHY'S FREE 'peep show' has come to an end.

The marketing campaign at Donohoe's Mini caught the imagination and curiosity of the public in recent weeks as it appeared to introduce a little bit of Amsterdam to Enniscorthy. Three windows of the showroom were blacked out with a square cut out where passers-by could take a ' peep' at something ' live and exotic'.

In actual fact it offered people a 'peep' at the brand new Mini Roadster. According to the staff at Donohoe's, Mini's latest offering provides all the ' live and exotic' thrills that the window promises. Tommy Davitt of Donohoe's says that the advertisement generated quite a bit of interest.

'We've just taken it down over the weekend to make way for the new 2013 stuff,' he said. 'But for the time it was up we got great interest from it. It really got people talking. Believe it or not, we genuinely sold a car as a result of the ad. A woman came over to have a look and see what this ' peep show' was and when she saw the roadster she fell in love with it and bought one.'