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Car sales 'steady'



Published 04/12/2012 | 10:32

NEW CAR SALES in Wexford are remaining steady, according to figures released last week by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

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The figures show that 3,657 sales were registered in the Model County during 2011, a slight increase of 21 on the 2010 figure of 3,636. While both the 2010 and 2011 figures are up by approximately 50 per cent on the 2009 figure of 2,481 they are still a long way removed from the number of sales recorded during the halcyon Celtic Tiger days of 2005 (7,516 sales), 2006 (8,927 vehicles) and 2007 (8,789 sales).

The figures also showed that a total of 51,882 registered private cars were on the road in Wexford last year.

Of these, 166 had an engine capacity up to 900cc, and a further 4,235 had a capacity between 901cc and 1 litre. At the other end of the scale, 1,705 had an engine capacity between 2,001cc and 2,500cc and 1,071 had an engine capacity over 2,500cc.

A further 13,264 goods vehicles were regis-

tered in the county last year with the most popular category being goods vehicles with an unladen weight of between 1,525kg and 2,032kg. There were a total of 5,632 such vehicles registered.

A total of 3,532 tractors were registered with the majority (3,504) being classed as for agricultural use while the remaining 28 were general haulage.

Motorcycles with an engine capacity over 250cc were the most popular type of motorcycles registered in Wexford with 1,061 such machines registered out of a total of 1,344. The least popular choice with 57 registered vehicles were bikes with a capacity between 151 and 250cc. There are 617 exempt vehicles and 542 public service vehicles registered in Wexford, according to the figures.

The most popular make of car registered in Wexford is Toyota, with a total of 7,443 Toyotas in the county. This was closely followed by Ford (6,781) and Volkswagen (6,602). Isuzu, with 12 registered vehicles, comes bottom of that list. Next is Porsche, with 18 of those on the roads.

In terms of goods vehicles the most popular brand registered in Wexford is Toyota with 1,637, followed by Ford (1,465).

The most popular brand of tractors in the county last year was John Deere, while the most popular motorcycle was Honda.

The figures also show that at the end of 2011 there were a total of 88,481 current driving licences in the county.

Of these 9,065 were learner permits, 745 were annual licences, 8,348 were three-year licences and the final 70,319 were 10-year licences.

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