Sunday 24 September 2017

Bridget Cullen -- WSPCA Volunteer

THE WEXFORD Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (WSPCA) has said it would settle for more of the same next year due to the generosity and kindness it experienced from the people of Wexford in 2011.

'We've really had a very good year and if this year were no better or no worse then I would be happy with that,' said Brigid Cullen, left, of the WSPCA.

She said they have been very busy and encountered many cases where there were serious animal welfare issues, but that they have been heartened by the support shown to them by friends, supporters and the wider community.

'People have just been incredibly generous and supportive of our work, even in these very hard times, it's amazing,' said Brigid.

She said that this was never better illustrated than at Christmas time, when large numbers of people arrived at the WSPCA office with donations and pet food, all of which was greatly appreciated. No dog ended up spending Christmas in the pound either, as they were all fostered for the festive season.

Brigid pointed out that a lot of the good will coming their way is being generated by children and young people in Wexford, many of whom made generous donations to the WSPCA last year, with the ongoing school visits by ISPCA inspector Cabrini Desmond helping to raise awareness of animal welfare issues.