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Published 06/06/2012 | 10:19

LOUTH/EAST MEATH voters gave a resounding 'well, maybe' to the Fiscal Stability Treaty, according to the tallymen.

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Just over 52% voted, and delivered a 52.7% 'Yes' to 47.3% ' No' outcome. Only 253 votes were spoiled, a low of 0.5%.

An analysis of the boxes by Labour Party's Pat McDaid showed that Baltray can take the 'highest turnout' accolade with 82%, and voted 174 'Yes', to 172 'No'.

On the other hand, just 28% of voters were tallied at Castletown Girls School in Dundalk, delivering 59 'No' to 53 'Yes'. The highest ' Yes' vote was Blackrock box no. 7, with 77.4%, whereas the highest 'No' vote was 79.7% at St. John School in Rathmullen, Drogheda.

Overall 117 boxes favoured 'Yes', with 75 opting for a 'No'. If any clear conclusion could be drawn, then it is that Rural areas and more affluent areas tended to have higher turnout, and to vote ' Yes'.

The area stretching from Omeath to Dundalk town boundary, saw 54.1% 'Yes' on a 48% turnout. Two boxes in Faughart, one in Omeath and one in Kilcurry had a majority for ' No', with Carlingford, Bellurgan, Rampark, Bush and Ravensdale all opting ' Yes'.

The Rural area west and south of Dundalk delivered a strong 'Yes', with 61.2% support on a turnout of 52.7%. The seven Blackrock boxes delivered a 72.1% 'Yes', just two of the 14 boxes overall in this area, Shelagh and Heynestown No. 1 box, having a 'No' majority.

In Dundalk the 'No' vote won out with 53.9%, with near 67% 'No' in Muirhevnamor, but with Bay Estate opting Yes' with 52% in the 4 boxes there. Dundalk Central Ward was closer to ' even steven' where the boxes at St. Gerard's Hall were marginally 'Yes'. The Dundalk West Ward was 52% in favour of 'No', with strong rejection in four of the six Redeemer boxes. All of the boxes at the Vocational School, the Friary, St. Olivers Hospital and Town Hall had a majority ' Yes'.

In Ardee town, the ' No' had 54.7%, but the Rural boxes balanced that out with 55.6% 'Yes'. The Mid Louth Rural was 54% ' Yes', where five boxes only, Kilsaran Box 1, Collon Box 2, Dunleer Box 3, Philipstown and Dromiskin 1, favoured 'No'.

The Rural East area, ranging from Clogherhead back to Drogheda boundary, delivered a strong 57.2% ' Yes'. Of the 14 boxes here, just three came out against - Clogherhead Boxes 1 and 2, and the Aston Village Box 1. In the Rural West area, 53% were 'Yes' in Tullyallen, and 69.4% 'Yes' in Monasterboice.

Drogheda town gave a marginal 51.7% ' No' result. Yellowbatter was marginally 'Yes' at 50.1%; Sundays Gate was 53.3% 'No'; Bothar Brugha School gave a majority No' with 51.8%; Mell School broke 50/50, on a 50% turnout. In Drogheda south, Ballsgrove was 55.5% ' No', Rathmullen School was 70% 'No', Priest Lane was 62% 'No', but Wheaton Hall at 67%, Black Bull at 69%, Old Hill at 55% and Fatima School at 60% were 'Yes'.

East Meath's 23 boxes resulted in 58% in favour of the ' Yes' side. Just four boxes had a 'No' majority here, Donacarney Box 5, Rathmullen Box 7, and Laytown Boxes 4 and 6. Box 93, the first box in Donacarney, was the only box in the entire constituency, with a tied vote, 137 'Yes' and 137 ' No', with one spoiled vote, in a 40% turn out.

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