Traffic and shopping chaos after Boyne bursts its banks


Published 19/12/2012 | 18:39

One motorist has their car towed away as a result of the heavy flooding.

FLOODING CHAOS hit the streets of Drogheda at the weekend with key roads closed due to heavy rain and high tides.

Saturday shoppers were prevented from going across Wellington Quay as the Boyne burst its banks and cut off the area at lunchtime.

Gardaí blocked the street, but for some, it was too late as their cars were trapped in the flood waters.

One vehicle had to be towed away, but for one trucker it wasn't a problem as the Supervalu deliveries keep on rolling at the rear of the supermarket.

The flood trapped cars on Friday too, with one motorist irate after returning to their vehicle.

' The area should have been taped off from that morning if the council knew it was going to be a high tide,' he stated as he set off to wade through the water to his car.

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