Saturday 27 May 2017

Thieves target clothes banks

CHEEKY thieves have been caught red-handed drilling into charity clothes banks in what has become an extremely lucrative black market for second hand clothes.

One would-be thief was caught in the act by gardaí last week as he attempted to steal a number of bags of clothes from the clothing bank at Wheaton Hall.

The culprit was using a drill to remove the back of the clothing bank in an attempt to steal clothes left in the banks for Drogheda charity Action Against Addiction.

The incident happened at around 11.30pm last Thursday night when gardaí caught the offender in the act. He was subsequently arrested and brought to Drogheda Garda Station.

The phenomenon of thefts from clothing banks has become widespread over the past few years as organised gangs export tonnes of secondhand clothes abroad, making profits of millions in the process.

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