The two sides of public 'art' appear on streets

Published 09/04/2014 | 05:28

The superb image on the buoy at the Mall, decorated especially for Daffodil Day.
This graffiti arrived on Duke Street last week.

NO matter the place or the people, you'll always find two sides to any situation.

I was walking down Duke Street last week and what did I come across but a wall stained with blue graffiti paint, a sore, distasteful image that does nothing for the town or indeed the person that decided to inflict the image on us all.

Then, coming around by the old Sound Shop, what do I see but the buoy that has been in place for some years now, delightfully painted for Daffodil Day by Noel Kelly.

I took a close look at it and the craftmanship is simply outstanding.

If the person with the blue spray paint would go off and try their hand at some real art, the town would be a lot prettier place.

Drogheda Independent

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