Friday 26 May 2017

Suspended sentence for driving while banned

A 58-YEAR-old man who was seen on numerous occasions by gardaí behind the wheel of a car despite being banned from driving for 40 years has been given a six month suspended sentence at Drogheda District Court.

Michael Markey, Morans Terrace was seen by gardaí on three separate occasions driving a car despite being banned and having no insurance, driving licence, NCT or tax, the court heard.

He was observed driving a car in October 2011 on the Dublin Road, September 9th 2011 in Marian Park and August 22nd the same year at Father Connolly Way.

Solicitor for the defence Ciaran Quigley said his client was well known to the court.

He had lost two sons in recent years, is separated from his wife, has numerous serious health problems himself and cares for his daughter who has special needs.

The court heard Markey had been banned from driving for 20 years in 1998 and in March this year was disqualified for 40 years after he was convicted of similar offences.

Mr Quigley told the court that both vehicles have now been scrapped.

Judge Flann Brennan told the defendant: 'Mr Markey you cannot drive, you're disqualified. It's as simple as that.

'I'm not a doctor but I very much doubt a doctor would certify you to drive given all your medical problems with your sight and your leg and everything else.

'Regardless of your previous convictions, I can't imagine it would be safe for you to drive.

' You'll kill yourself and then there'll be no one to look after your daughter.'

Markey told the judge he promised never to drive again.

Judge Flann Brennan sentenced the defendant to six months for driving without insurance but suspended it for six months.

He said he would take all the other matters into consideration.

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