Sunni Mae dancers head for the Dáil in bid for Christmas No. 1

Published 05/12/2012 | 10:07

The dancers were joined by a number of politicians as they promoted 'Tiny Dancer' outside Dáil Eireann last week.

LABOUR DEPUTY, Gerald Nash, has hosted many visitors to the Dail since his election, but last Thursday surely ranked amongst the most unusual, as he had to to temporarily hand over his office so that it could be used as a changing room for a team of ballet dancers who were there to promote the single ' Tiny Dancer' for Christmas Number One.

'Lily Mae's uncle Paul Hayes is a good friend of mine and he asked me if I could help to organise a photo shoot outside Leinster House to promote the single and I was delighted to oblige. There was a great reaction from TDs and Senators from all parties,' he stated.

'Paul told me he'd have some of the singers there and it was great to be joined by The Rip Tide Movement. However I wasn't expecting him to bring in ballet dancers as well. As you can imagine I got some very strange looks escorting them in their tutus through the corridors of Dail Eireann. The poor girls must have been freezing when we were outside, but they never complained and we made sure to get them a hot dinner afterwards.'

The Sunni- Mae Trust was set up to assist Lily-Mae, a four-year-old Galway girl who is suffering from a rare form of cancer called Neuroblastoma, which often requires treatment outside of Ireland. To date, the campaign has raised €120,000.

Lily-Mae is the daughter of dancers Judith Sibley and Leighton Morrison who are best known for their work with Chrysalis Dance and Youth Ballet West. Her uncle, Paul, who manages the Barbican Theatre in Drogheda, is the director of the trust. Recently, a group of Ireland's most popular music stars gathered to record the Elton John song ' Tiny Dancer' with the aim of making it a Christmas No.1.

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