Stranded 'Lucky' swaps basket for a bird sanctuary


Published 01/08/2012 | 10:05

'Lucky' the pigeon in the basket she was abandoned in outside the Enable Ireland shop on Shop Street, Drogheda.

'LUCKY' the pigeon lived up to its name after being rescued from a picnic basket on the side of a Drogheda street.

The young pigeon was abandoned on top of an ESB box outside the Enable Ireland shop on Shop Street last Friday morning.

Clearly unable to fly, all she had with her was a small bowl of water and some bread.

She attracted huge interest from shoppers and even remained placid when young childen came up to stroke her head.

However, as fears were expressed for her ongoing safety, the long arm of the law came to her rescue.

Retired Sergeant, Pius McSweeney, who has almost a 40 year association with the local force, volunteered to take the little bird home.

'It would be a shame to see anything happening to the poor thing,' he remarked at the scene.

With assistance from Lynn Archer from the Collon Animal Sanctuary, the bird was housed in Collon for a night before departing for a new life in a bird sanctuary in Ballivor this week.

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