Monday 25 September 2017

Residents not owed for cycle path


The Brookville cycle lane and walkway
The Brookville cycle lane and walkway


COUNCIL OFFICIALS do not owe any payments to residents of Brookville for using a strip of their green to create a cycle path on the Ballymakenny Road.

The reply was given in response to a query by Cllr Micheal O'Dowd, who was seeking an ex gratia payment for the residents association who pay for annual grass-cutting.

The council widened the footpath near the green by approximately one metre to accommodate an off-carriageway cycle path.

The area that included the footpath and cycle path forms part of the road.

It was noted that the corporation acquired land on the Ballymakenny Road in 1974 for re-alignment. However, the aqcusition was never registered on the land registry map.

The council has been in touch with the registered land owner - said to be the Drogheda Sausage Company - and suggested they agree to proceed with a deed of rectification to address this.

There is no physical boundary between the road and the green space.

Both areas are readily accessible to the public and the cycle path has not changed this.

Officials considered the path had enhanced the amenity value of the road.

Cllr O'Dowd accepted that no payment would be made, however welcomed that should any plans emerge in relation to the green, the rights of any leaseholder would be upheld.