Sunday 22 October 2017

'Rapture Gigs' disco for teens

ANOTHER ONE of the popular teen 'Rapture Gigs' will be held in the Purple Room this weekend, with the doors opening at 7pm on Friday.

These non-alcoholic discos were started as a youth initiative by students Kevin Dunne and Ciaran Floody as part of the Local Heroes, and one year on are still going strong.

'We started the idea as parties for students, where we would hire the venue, and organise the DJ, last January, and they have really taken off,' says Kevin.

'The first one had about 180, and each time, we get around 50 more, and we hope to have hundreds at this one.'

The first one was held in McHugh's with Corrigan's being done up by the lads for subsequent events.

'They are for students 15 to 18 years old, are completely safe and supervised with the backing of the schools, and no alcohol is served,' adds Kevin.

'Entry is €10e to our Massive Christmas and New Year's Party on Friday and finishes at 11pm.'