Power surge 'fries' home appliances

Hubert Murphy

Published 09/04/2014 | 05:28

Residents in Mill Road, Mornington, are angry that electrical appliances in their homes were damaged in the power surge.
David Finnegan with the partially-melted adapter from his printer.

THOUSANDS of euro worth of damage has been caused to a number of homes after a power surge ripped through them.

THOUSANDS of euro worth of damage has been caused to a number of homes after a power surge ripped through them.

Gas boilers, shower units, radios, garage doors and even doorbells 'fried' in homes at Mill Road, Mornington, close to Drogheda Grammar School.

'Our homes have been blitzed. That's just it,' said resident Emmanuel McArdle.

ESB networks confirmed that a fault 'was caused by a break to some overhead lines' but they would not be compensating residents for loss as 'this outage was unforeseen.'

'We are in shock with all of this,' Emmanuel continued.

The drama unfolded on March 29.

'We noticed the lights flickering and while they were working the TV wasn't,' he said.

The ESB began work on overhead cables on the road but that evening he returned to his home to a smell of burning.

'The gas boiler was burned out, as was the shower, the internet box and the doorbell.'

Across the road an elderly woman's orthopaedic bed stopped working. Other neighbours are also minus radios and internet boxes while four boilers are all gone.

'We don't know where to go now,' Emmanuel said. 'We've been told to claim off the house insurance, but that puts our bills up and what if there's problems in the future with the likes of boilers. It all comes back on us.'

The irate residents said they want the ESB to come out and sort out the problem and end the nightmare they've had to endure.

'We didn't get any notification that there was work taking place in the area or there would be a power issue. Now some of us have to go to other family houses to even wash, which is not on when there's small children in the house.'

Network Services told Mr. McArdle that the equipment in his house 'should have adequate protection to prevent damage' and he should speak to an electrical contractor.

In 2012, a power surge occurred in an estate in Carrigaline, Co Cork, damaging property in 40 houses. The ESB went door to door to let residents know that all damaged goods would be replaced.

'We feel we are the innocent parties in this,' Emmanuel said.

A number of residents spoke to the Drogheda Independent on Monday night. David Finnegan got an electrician out to his home after his power failed and was told 'it would be a major job' and would cost €400 for a circuit board. An extractor fan stopped working on Sunday and an ACDC adaptor on his printer melted!

Brian Smith from nearby Boyne Auto Repairs said all the motors in the doors went.

Drogheda Independent

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