Monday 26 June 2017

'No choice but to keep going'

Jurate Kiuduiene pictured at her premises on West Street. Photo:Colin Bell/
Jurate Kiuduiene pictured at her premises on West Street. Photo:Colin Bell/

FRUSTRATION, anxiety, a case of nothing to do but keep going.

That's the scenario facing Lithuanian born Jurate Kiuduliene who has been operating her City Mode shop on West Street for the past five years.

At this stage, she just can't afford to close down – 'What would I do then?,' she asks. 'I just have to keep these doors open.'

Sometimes she brings in just €62 a day – and when you consider her rates bill, which she admits she struggles with, amounts to €5,000 a year, the prospect of surviving in the present climate is indeed challenging.

'I've been in Ireland for nine years now and I have worked hard all my life. I wanted to open this shop for myself and not work for someone else. But I'm here six days a week and can't afford to employ anyone to help. It is very bad and has gotten worse in recent years on West Street,' she admits.

The frustration she feels could leave many on the brink of despair. Last week, she made the call to have a 'half price' week, in advance of Mother's Day.

'People who come in say it's a lovely shop and the prices are very reasonable. But getting people onto the street is tough. At the moment I am just working for nothing.'

She has no answers about what can revive the footfall on West Street but feels the battle should not be surrendered. If she felt like that, she'd have been gone long ago.

'There is a big problem on this street,' she added.

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