Tuesday 21 October 2014

Mum no longer feels safe in her home after shed set alight

Published 02/04/2014 | 05:28

The charred remains of the shed which was set alight in the early hours of Monday morning on a northside estate.

A SINGLE mum has spoken of her terror after the shed in the rear of her garden was set alight in the early hours of Monday morning.

The local woman, who is too frightened to be identified, only moved into the house on a northside estate five weeks ago, and can't understand why she would be targeted. She said that if she hadn't been woken up by two neighbours, the fire could have spread to the house.

'I was in bed and I had heard one of the neighbours dogs going mad, but I didn't really think much of it,' said the mum of a 19-month-old.

'It wasn't until I heard screaming and shouting coming from the rear of the house, that I looked out the window and saw the orange glow.'

That's when the young mother heard banging on her front door telling her of the blaze.

'This couple had been walking home at around 2 a.m., and spotted the flames and that's when they tried to wake me up.'

'My son woke up and started crying at the top of the stairs, but thankfully he thought it was great fun when he saw the fire brigade arrive, and is too young to understand how serious it could have been.'

Even though she has only moved into the area, she said it is a lovely quiet place, and can't understand why someone would have done this.

'I suppose they do it out of boredom or maybe badness, but they don't know how frightening something like this is,' she said. 'I'm grateful to the people who woke me, but I really don't want to stay here now, and will look to move immediately, as I don't feel safe.'

Drogheda Independent

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