Friday 21 July 2017

Motorist lucky to be alive after car skids into Boyne


The BMW which ended up in the Boyne river after skidding on black ice.
The BMW which ended up in the Boyne river after skidding on black ice.


A LOCAL man cheated death after his car skidded on black ice and entered the Boyne on a notorious stretch of road by the canal at Oldbridge.

The incident occurred on Monday night and has heightened fears about the lack of gritting and riverbank protection in the area.

Two years ago, following heavy snow and ice, five cars entered the canal in a week at the same location. Local man AJ McCullough won a number of bravery awards for rescuing a family from the edge of the frozen depths.

Since then very little safety measures have been put in place.

The latest incident saw the car, a 2012 BMW, leave the road and smash into the river.

The driver, a Drogheda man, managed to free himself from the vehicle as the water surged in and made his way to a nearby home, ironically that of local residents association chairman Austin Monaghan.

'He was very shook up. We called the ambulance and the gardai and they came out to the house,' Austin stated.

The man suffered a blow to the head during the impact with the bank and water.

' There needs to be a barrier put up to prevent accidents like this. There is talk of a walkway from the Ramparts to Oldbridge House and it needs to include proper safety measures,' Austin stated. He has also made numerous calls for Meath County Council to grit the busy, but dangerous, stretch.

'Luckily this man was on his own and it wasn't a family because the car went right into the water. He said he was driving along and suddenly the car was in the canal. That's frightening,' Austin added.

' The problems here have not gone away and we need some kind of a barrier before it's too late for someone.'

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