Thursday 27 July 2017

Maher slams 'disgraceful' Budget

'THE GOVERNMENT hit the people it promised to protect.'

The words of local FF councillor Frank Maher who described the Budget as 'disgraceful' as it targeted people already under pressure.

' This unfair Budget has hit hardest the people whom Fine Gael and Labour said they would protect. Many of these cuts are simply mean spirited and will achieve little in savings.

' The budget seems to be a political compromise rather than a coherent economic plan. Carers, women, children, jobseekers, those on low pay, and older people are all targeted in a callous way by the government.

' There is not one measure to help those in mortgage arrears or negative equity.

' The reduction in child benefit and the cut in the ' back to school allowance' make a mockery of the so called 'red line' of Labour. Election promises are quickly forgotten when enjoying the trappings of power.'

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