Wednesday 26 July 2017

Local women caught up in hurricane Sandy


FIVE DROGHEDA women found themselves in the eye of Super Storm Sandy as it rocked New York, and lived to tell the tale.

Bernie Reilly and her colleagues from St Joseph's NS, Edel Berrill, Eileen Butterly and Sandra Kirwan, were on a shopping trip and Micheal O'Dowd's daughter Daire was visting family in Queen's when ' Frankenstorm' took a bit out of the Big Apple.

'At around 8 p.m. on Saturday, the winds began to really pick up speed, noisily gushing through the streets outside sounding like an Irish banshee,' Daire told the Drogheda Independent. ' The streets were empty at this stage and looking out the window I could see not one person had dared to park their car under the now heavily swaying trees outside.'

Daire was housebound in her aunt's for two whole days, as the storm raged, and it wasn't until they emerged to survey the damage the true scale of the storm hit home.

' The damage done by falling trees in the district was truly alarming, a testament to the power of nature,' she said.

'I consider myself lucky to have survived the hurricane but have some friends who were less fortunate particularly on the Jersey shore where they have lost both their homes and businesses.'

Bernie and her friends were shopping in New Jersey when the news of the storm came through.

'We rushed back to our Manhattan hotel, with the taxi driver warning us to stock up for the long night ahead,' said Bernie, a teacher from Hillview.

'We were lucky that the hotel didn't lose power, and we had our mobiles to talk to our worried families at home.'

'We have to say a big thank you to Karen Kierans at Globe Travel, who not only managed to get us home, she also got us upgraded,' said Bernie, with a smile.

'We even had to get a stretch limo to the airport as all the taxis were busy, so we survived the storm in style!'

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