Juliana's frustration as law forces her to leave pet behind



Published 28/11/2012 | 14:08

Juliana Milne Donnelly with her cockatoo Tyson, which she was forced to leave behind in Drogheda when she moved to Australia.

DROGHEDA WOMAN Juliana Milne Donnelly is sick as a parrot, as Australian laws wouldn't allow her to bring her beloved cockatoo Tyson with her when she emigrated down under.

She had to leave him behind and is trying out a foster family to take care of her pet until she is able to be reunited with her feathered friend.

' This is a temporary situation, but at the minute it is long term as I have moved to Australia and I am hoping to bring him over but, at present, there is a live ban on birds entering the country,' she told the DroghedaIndependent from her new home in Victoria.

'He's definitely not for sale as I am going to take him with me as soon as I can, and coudn't bear to do that to him.'

Juliana's husband Peter is still in Drogheda trying to sort out moving more of their menagerie to their new home.

'We have 25 cockatiels, three dogs, Tyson our cockatoo and Jake our African grey parrot,' said Juliana.

'We have started the process of bringing the dogs over with health checks, micro chipping, etc., and we want to bring Tyson and Jake too. Someone is looking after Jake for us and he is getting on great and another girl had Tyson but he is screeching a lot because he misses us and Jake.'

Juliana said she hopes the new foster home works out for Tyson, as he has to be let out of the cage and given lots of attention!

'He is a very lovable companion bird, four-and-a-half years old, very intelligent but needs stimulation and I don't think a home with children would be suitable,' she added.

'He is slightly spoiled and doesn't he know it? I'm hoping this latest foster home works out, but my goal is to be reunited with him very soon.'

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