Sunday 30 April 2017

Gas warning saves family from death

A SIMPLE carbon monoxide detector has saved the lives of a family of five.

The Mid Louth family were alerted to the gas in their home by the alarm which was only fitted last year by Louth County Council.

The two adults are three children had to evacate the property and receive precautionary hospital treatment.

' This family were obviously very fortunate that they had a working carbon monoxide detector in use and the consequences for them could have been drastically worse if they'd not been alerted to the build up of this gas which is odourless and has no taste or colour – earning the description of 'silent killer'. It is for this reason that we as a local authority have been prioritising the installation of these potentially lifesaving devices,' stated Joe McGuinness, Director of Services, Louth Local Authorities.

'We would encourage all householders in Louth and more widely to take this threat seriously as a working and frequently checked carbon monoxide detector really is an essential piece of equipment for any home at this stage.'

Eamon Woulfe, Chief Fire Officer, added: ' When Carbon Monoxide is inhaled into the body it combines with the blood, preventing it from absorbing oxygen.

'If a person is exposed to carbon monoxide over a period, it can cause illness and even death. Carbon monoxide alarms can be used as a backup to provide a warning to householders in the event of a dangerous build up but it is also important to remember that alarms are no substitute for regular inspection and maintenance of appliances, vents, flues and chimneys.'

He warned that the gas can be produced when any fuel is burnt, including oil, gas, wood and coal.

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