Wednesday 26 April 2017

Doggone it... Milly sheds the pounds


WE'VE HAD lots of human slimming success stories in our headlines of late, but we've never had a dieting doggie.

But every dog deserves its day, and we are happy to mention the ' tail' of the former ' pooch with a paunch' Milly.

The owner of the Bichon Frise brought her chubby chum along to the Westgate Veterinary Hospital in Scarlet Street earlier in the year, as she had noticed the dog was feeling a lot heavier.

'Anita (Hoey) was quite concerned that her little dog seemed to have put on a lot of weight, so we weighed her and found that at 13.3kg, she should have been less than 10kg and for Milly, this was in excess of 30% overweight,' says Celine Walsh RVN.

'We straight away drew up a plan for changing her diet, as she had been getting a lot of treats, as well as nibbles of what the owners were eating, and added to her normal exercise routine, she soon started to loose the extra kilos.'

Anita and Milly worked really hard over eight months to help get Milly back in shape.

There were occasional set backs (like the homemade canneloni and ricotta lunch that disappeared without a trace!) but for the most part the weight was steadily coming off and her form was improving noticeably Milly lost 4.3kg to achieve her target weight of 9kg.

Her weight loss means that she is no longer at increased risk of disease and she enjoys a more active and fulfilled life.

'Dogs are prone to the same problems an overweight human would suffer, like heart disease and diabetes,' so Anita did the right thing to bring her to us,' adds Celine.

'We run a free weight-loss clinic for animals from the surgery in Drogheda, and if anyone has concerns, we are more than happy to give advice on 041 9838718.'

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