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'Different art form' to mark estate opening


Published 06/06/2012 | 10:19

DROGHEDA will be going with a 'different art form' to mark the opening of a new estate later this year.

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Since 1988, a ' per cent for art' scheme has existed nationwide, designed to promote the arts when a new development is being undertaken and when Boice Court at Mell opens, it will spark a new piece of music, valued at €30,000.

Drogheda Borough Council has commissioned the new musical composition to be premiered during celebrations later this year to mark the 600th anniversary of the town's Charter.

The council has commissioned Belfast-born Brian Irvine, Associate Composer with the Ulster Orchestra and Visiting Professor of Creative Arts at the University of Ulster to produce the music.

The work created by Mr. Irvine will have its premiere in November when the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra will join local musicians to perform in Drogheda as part of the celebrations marking 600 years since the city was unified on both sides of the Boyne in 1412.

Joan Martin, Drogheda Town Clerk and Director of Services, Louth Local Authorities, said: ' People will be familiar with sculptures and other public art installations commissioned at roadside and other locations in Louth and across the country under the 'per cent for art' scheme since 1988. On this occasion, the decision has been taken to go with a different art form and commission one of Ireland's leading contemporary composers to create a Drogheda piece of music.

' The process of developing this music will give local musicians and choirs a great chance to work with Brian Irvine in helping to shape the sound of Drogheda for this and future generations.'

Brian Harten, County Arts Officer, Louth Local Authorities, added: ' To have a composer of the calibre of Brian Irvine working on a piece for Drogheda is really exciting, and it will benefit the many groups and individuals from the area who will work alongside him.

'Brian has already been in contact with Drogheda's two brass bands about performing the piece, and will be putting together a specially-formed 400- person massed choir from Drogheda for the premiere.'

The Drogheda Independent revealed details of the €30,000 commission last week, sparking much debate on the subject.

' In these constrained times, this money is ridiculous,' local councillor Ken O Heiligh stated.

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